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Top 10 Reasons To Groom Your Pet

Routine grooming will keep your pet looking good and feeling good.  Your dog will also enjoy the love and attention they receive while getting groomed.

  1. Groomers notice abnormalities that may signify a problem, such as ear infections, parasites, and growths.
  2. Routine brushing of about 5-10 minutes removes dead skin and keeps coats shiny while stimulating the production of natural skin oils.
  3. Regular bathing eliminates or minimizes skin disease.
  4. Regular grooming reduces shedding and improves appearance.
  5. Helps control fleas and ticks.
  6. Toenail trimming is essential in avoiding ingrown nails into the pads; paw pain, and joint issues.
  7. Hair trimming removes excessive hair around the face, which causes eye irritation and infection.
  8. Cleaning ears reduces the risk of infections and mites.
  9. Brushing teeth helps keep teeth clean in between routine dental cleanings and helps prevent plaque and gingivitis.
  10. Dogs look and smell great.